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Up to 10 Free APC calculations per month from September 2022

Aviation Data Solutions is excited to announce that our APC Pay as you Calculate subscription plan is improving!

From September 2022, up to 10 APC calculations per month will be FREE of charge. This change will be applicable to all existing and new customers of APC with a PAYC account.

You have an account with us, but not sure about what subscription package you have?
HINT: navigate to Your Name –> Subscription menu point in APC to check your details.

Reasons for making this change:

  • Limited free-reign to explore APC: give you the room to explore, experience and test first hand the detail we go into to make sure pricing is as accurate as it possibly can be.
  • Acknowledging APC’s web dashboard limitations: integrations are the key to smooth and effortless operation. While we are working on bringing our services to your preferred platforms, we want to let you know that in the meantime, we are still here to support you if you encounter a tricky case that needs investigation and extra attention. Your accounting teams will be grateful!
  • Support small operators and organisations: Accurate pricing should never be a privilege. Everyone should know how much something is expected to cost, whether they are shopping for groceries, pausing for a cup of coffee, or asking for an airport and handling quote for their aircraft.

We hope you find the above changes to your liking.
If the answer is a solid yes, please let others know we are here to solve their pricing, and aviation data related queries and headaches.
If you find we have areas to improve on, please send us your feedback. We are a young company, our ears are always open: eager to learn, grow, and meet the data needs of the aviation industry with transparent and practical solutions.

ADS team: