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Handling Pricing Manager

A free handling booking, marketing and data management tool

Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) is a free web-based tool for all handling agents serving the business aviation industry, providing complete control over their pricing data that is used by our unique Airport Pricing Calculator platform, as well as the ability to receive and respond to handling requests generated through this system.

How can HPM benefit your handling company?

By uploading your price list to HPM you are making it quicker and easier for your both existing and new operator customers to book handling with you, not to mention the time-savings for your station staff in receiving a comprehensive handling request with all required details and documents to process the booking without the need for follow-up.In addition, APC contains a comprehensive and bespoke aircraft parameters database, storing every metric that can be used by airports and handling agents for service pricing purposes for every business aviation aircraft type,model and variant.

The APC platform instantly informs potential customers of your station’s presence at their destination airport, making it the perfect tool for advertising the services you provide at no cost. However, a handling station will only be available in APC if the handling company has set up their free HPM account.


In addition to being a comprehensive data security tool, HPM has the potential to provide significant time savings and workload reductions for handling station staff. The APC platform automatically generates airport and handling quotations for operators which can be converted into handling requests with a single click. HPM acts as a booking system by receiving these requests directly and presenting them in a unified and comprehensive format  with all of the required details and documents needed  to confirm the booking, making the handling booking process seamless and efficient for all parties.

Price List Protection

We recognise that the main concern of handling agents is the protection of their pricing data, and this is especially true when considering new technologies that use this data.

With this in mind, HPM has been specifically designed to ensure the highest level of GDPR-compliant data control and security. HPM provides handling agents with complete control over which operators can generate quotes using their pricing data, as well as the ability to specify the degree to which each operator is trusted, applying restrictions on how often quotes can be generated through the Airport Pricing Calculator platform to prevent data mining by competitors. Operators only see the output of the calculation through APC, never the handling price list or data itself.Furthermore, every operator has to be vetted before they are allowed access to the Airport Pricing Calculator application, ensuring that you will only receive data access and handling requests from genuine aircraft operators.

Handling Agent Brands on HPM

Below is a sample of the handling brands that we host on the HPM platform:


Interested in a free HPM account to boost the efficiency and visibility of your handling company?