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Aviation Data Solutions

Aviation Data Solutions provides innovative data-centric solutions to technological challenges encountered across the business and general aviation sectors, but also the aviation industry as a whole. Please see a list of the services that we offer below.

Airport Pricing Calculator (APC)

The first combined airport and handling charge calculation system for the business and general aviation industries, providing aircraft operators and owners with the ability to instantaneously generate a 100% accurate quotation which can be converted to a handling request with a click of a button

Handling Pricing Manager (HPM)

A free web-based booking and efficiency tool for all handling agents serving business and general aviation, providing complete control over pricing data used by our unique Airport Pricing Calculator platform, as well as the ability to receive and respond to handling requests generated through this system.

Aeronautical Data Integration

Realise the full potential of your aviation software through integration with the most comprehensive and accurate source of airport and aircraft Data as a Service (DaaS).