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Exposure Monitoring & Management Application (E.M.M.A.)

A free fuel transaction recording and management system for refuellers and flight crew.

What is E.M.M.A. ?

Exposure Monitoring & Management Application (E.M.M.A. for short) is a free tool developed by ADS for into-plane agents and flight crew to replace existing paper-based processes with a faster and more efficient digital solution, instantly delivering uplift information to all parties. 

The E.M.M.A. system has two elements; a mobile application, which is used by refuellers or flight crew to record transactions, and a fuel management system where uplift information can be viewed and redistributed.

Mobile Application

The centre of the E.M.M.A. infrastructure is the mobile application element, which is a cross-platform app written in Flutter with compatibility for both iOS and Android devices, and support for mobile and tablet devices.

The into-plane agent version of the E.M.M.A. mobile app allows refuelling staff to record all fuel uplift transactions in place of paper delivery tickets and records. Features include:

  • Digital signature of fuel uplift transaction records
  • Automatic fuel density calculation
  • Ability to split uplifts
  • Pre-population of new fuel uplifts based on pre-defined flight data

Fuel Operations Management System

In addition to the mobile application, E.M.M.A. features a browser-based Fuel Operations Management System, the purpose of which is to provide into-plane agent finance and management staff with the following:

  • Access to all fuel uplift transactions generated by the organisation’s staff on the E.M.M.A. mobile app
  • Management of organisation users, locations and fuelling equipment

Flight Crew Version

In addition to the into-plane agent version, ADS has developed a flight crew version of the E.M.M.A. mobile application. Pilots can use this app in offline mode to record fuel uplift data whilst in the cruise, which is then transmitted to the central fuel transaction database upon connection to a data network and sent on to the parent operator. No more lost or damaged delivery tickets!


  • Instant transmission of fuel uplift data directly to the billing department – no more waiting days or weeks for paper tickets from remote outstations.

  • Automatic generation of electronic delivery tickets, which are instantly distributed to the operator, doing away with paper tickets (which have a habit of getting lost and damaged).

  • Improved refuelling staff efficiency through removal of manual work associated with processing of paper delivery tickets.


E.M.M.A. includes a native API that complies with the latest IATA XML fuel transaction standard, enabling into-plane agents to integrate with E.M.M.A. to pull fuel uplift data in the internationally-recognised IATA standard.

In addition, bespoke API endpoints can be created to enable our customers to integrate their fuel management, ERP or FMS software with E.M.M.A.”

Contact ADS today to realise the benefits that a free E.M.M.A. account can bring to your organisation