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Airport Pricing Calculator

The only combined airport and handling cost calculation system for the business aviation market

Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) provides instant and highly accurate calculations of airport and handling costs via integrations with FMSs and charter sales software, API and browser-based user interface for use in charter quoting and invoice reconciliation.


Live Airport and Handling Agent Data Coverage


APC’s unrivalled accuracy is made possible through a combination of six elements that make up our “Ring of Accuracy”:

Delivery Methods

Integrated FMS & Charter Sales Software

Run automated airport and handling calculations through your FMS or charter sales software at no additional cost (API key included with all subscriptions).

If your current solution isn't yet integrated with APC, ask the software provider to integrate with ADS via our simple universal API.

Bespoke API Integration

We also welcome integrations with in-house, self-developed and bespoke charter sales software. Our RESTful API accepts calls in straightforward JSON formats, and we can create bespoke endpoints to meet the needs of individual client software.

API integration support is also available from the in-house ADS development team.

Web-Based User Interface

Our original browser-based user interface for operators with non-integrated (or no) FMS infrastructure. In addition to ad-hoc "safety net" calculations for charter flights, it is also possible for finance departments to run retrospective calculations for invoice reconciliation purposes.


APC is integrated with the following third-party FMSs and charter sales softwares:

Travech Pricing Engine

Travech supports aircraft operators in their business operations to help price quotes without the usual complex and time consuming steps to delivering a competitive price to your customers.

Leon Software

APC integrates with the Leon Software Sales Module to automatically replace default airport and handling-related costs on RFQs with actual APC-calculated costs for the specified airport and itinerary, protecting you from loss of trip bookings through over-charging and loss of revenue through under-charging.

Subscription Plans

Please see our available APC subscription plans below. Contact the ADS team to discuss your organisation’s needs and to arrange a free trial. 

Pay as you Calculate (PAYC)

Subscription Includes

Per-Tail (All-Inclusive)

Subscription Includes