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Airport Pricing Calculator

The first combined airport and handling charge quotation system

Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) is a unique web-based platform providing aircraft operators in business and general aviation industry with instantaneous and completely accurate calculation of airport and handling charges.

Why APC?

Having years of combined experience in charter sales and flight operations, our team understands the challenges in obtaining quick and accurate quotes from airports and handling agents. Our experience suggests that miscalculation due to human error is the most significant factor when manually calculating costs, as price lists can often be complex and ambiguous; for smaller business aviation operators in particular this can mean a significant reduction in profit margins, as these errors are often only apparent once the flight is complete. 

To that end we have developed the APC platform to generate instant and 100% accurate cost calculations for visiting any airport and handling agent with any aircraft, right down to the level of specific ground handling services, such as Ground Power, Air Stairs, and De-icing, as well as third-party services such as Oxygen and Nitrogen Servicing.

Airport and Handling Agent Data Coverage


Our development team has spent two years developing and refining the APC database structure and calculation code to ensure that even the most complicated and obscure methods of pricing airport and handling services can be accurately modeled.

In addition, APC contains a comprehensive and bespoke aircraft parameters database, storing every metric that can be used by airports and handling agents for service pricing purposes for every business aviation aircraft type, model and variant.


One of the primary benefits of APC is to provide operators of business aircraft with the ability to instantaneously know a 100% accurate quotation for visiting an airport, thereby saving a significant amount of staff time searching through lengthy and complex price lists, or waiting for handling agents to respond with a quote that can result in the loss of a charter booking.

Further time saving can be realised through the ability to convert an APC calculation result into a handling request at the click of a button, with all of the information and documents required to process the request passed directly to the handling agent via our Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) tool.

Handling Deals & Discounts

Through HPM, handling agents are able to replicate any pre-arranged operator-specific deals so that these are automatically applied to the prices calculated in APC for the eligible operators.

Furthermore, handling agents can apply one-off discounts at both a blanket and operator level, and can even publish special event price lists that override their standard pricing, all of which is automatically factored into the output of calculations generated through APC.

Subscription Plans

There are APC subscriptions available to suit the requirements of every operator, an overview of which is presented below

Pay as you Calculate

Subscription Includes

Quota-Based Packages

Subscription Includes

Bespoke Solutions

Subscription Includes