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AIR OPS '23 - A Milestone Event for ADS!

In February 2023, the Aviation Data Solutions (ADS) team assembled in the vibrant capital city of Brussels. We arrived with anticipation for Business & General Aviation’s next gathering of professionals at AIR OPS Europe 2023. The event was a brilliant opportunity for ADS to announce two significant milestones in the development of our software solutions company – more on that below. 

If you’re unfamiliar with AIR OPS, it’s considered Europe’s premier event for business aviation flight ops professionals and offers an excellent opportunity for ground handlers, airports and FBOs to collaborate with trip planners and operators.

Key Events

Leon x APC Integration
We had the privilege of announcing the integration partnership between Leon Software and ADS with Leon’s founders, Paweł Kruk and Paweł Szmagaj. It was a significant occasion in the development of our company. The Leon team are an inspiration in the aviation industry: leading with innovation and creativity in finding digital solutions to challenges. 

The new integration means, with an Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) and Leon Charter Sales Module subscription combined, you can enable quick, accurate and reliable access to the most up-to-date Airport and Ground Handling charges available within your Leon FMS platform.

If you would like to find out more, book a demo with our team here –

People from left to right: Eva Csori, Kristof Nemet, Petra Susko, Adrian Parsons, Paweł Kruk and Paweł Szmagaj

AvOs Introduction

Since ADS’ formation, our guiding principle has been to innovate data-centric solutions to technological challenges faced by the aviation industry. In the latter half of last year, we’ve been working in the background, developing our next software solution, Aviation Operations Software (AvOS for short)

AvOS will be a lightweight, low-cost, modular SaaS operations solution for ground handlers, airports, and into-plane agents. 

The initial product release comprises the ground handling module, featuring management of handling bookings, events, parking, inventory, and staffing along with a strong emphasis on environmental impact measuring. This ground handling module will absorb the functionality of our Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) and will become its more advanced successor.

Over the three-day event, it was enlightening to talk with ground handlers about this soon-to-be-released, modular operations software solution. The feedback gained will further inform our development efforts in creating an easy-to-use, practical product that serves the core needs of businesses.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and email newsletter for further news on the launch date of AvOS.

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Design concept of AvOS’ main dashboard surface.

Environmental Protest

On Tuesday, 14th of February (the first open day of the event), we witnessed a protest from an environmental group. They took a disruptive approach to raise awareness about the  environmental impact of the  Business Aviation industry. 

Environmental impact is, without a doubt, an essential topic for all aviation leaders to discuss. We support this conversation, but we encourage a more collaborative approach, communication in place of disruption. 

In next year’s event, leaving room for a structured panel discussion with an environmental group would be excellent, allowing these voices to be heard and discussed in a constructive rather than disruptive manner.

Thank yous:

  • Thank you to EBAA for hosting AIR OPS 23, these events create invaluable opportunities to support the forward momentum of the industry. 
  • Many thanks to the caterers – as always, great food (but maybe a touch less coriander for us next time!). 
  • And finally, we’d like to thank the many aviation professionals who stopped by our stand for great meetings and conversations. 

We’ll see you all again at EBACE 23!