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Leon and APC integration – what this means for charter sales quotes.

The Story of Two Aviation Software Companies.

Leon Software was founded in 2005 to deliver powerful, simple-to-use, cloud-based flight management software. The founding four partners of Leon are trained pilots and dispatchers. They saw a need to improve several manual tasks with an efficient and digital approach. Today, Leon is a leading flight management software that integrates with various cloud-based providers to enhance the platform’s scope and service.


Aviation Data Solutions (ADS) was born out of a similar ambition to improve and digitise age-old processes in aviation and to bring transparency in pricing. The founder, Adrian Parsons, also an experienced pilot, had worked in business aviation charter sales and operations for many years. When it comes to charter sales, reaction time is crucial. When there is only a short window to respond to a quote request, trying to make sense of complex and lengthy pricing documentation is nothing but a source of frustration. Leaving charter sales colleagues with the option to rely on educated guesses, fixed cost estimates and historical invoices.


Accuracy and transparency is especially challenging – when it comes to Airport and Ground Handling charges. All these limitations sparked the desire to build a consolidated database and software solution to enable charter salespeople to automatically calculate and enrich their quotes with these fees accurately and promptly.

What does the APC integration with Leon's Charter Sales Module mean?

With the Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) and Leon Charter Sales Module subscription combined, you can enable quick, accurate and reliable access to the most up-to-date Airport and Ground Handling charges available within your Leon FMS platform.

Once your APC subscription is activated, APC automatically starts enriching the estimates you see in the Leon Sales module. 

  • Where we do have coverage, APC zeroes out existing fixed cost estimates and replaces them with data curated by us. 

  • Where we do not have coverage, APC leaves your usual fixed cost estimates in place.

APC’s data:

  • In-house aircraft engine database that covers all certified Business Aviation types and goes down to aircraft variant level, to ensure highly accurate modelling of noise and emission charges

  • Data covers out of hours, night, holiday and additional surcharges, RFFS upgrade where applicable, and we even take into consideration operational limits

  • As some of our handling pricing is restricted in nature, if you do not have the time to ask the Ground Handler for access, we give you an indicative price. This indicative price is an averaged lump sum of ballpark expectation without revealing additional details in order to respect our Ground Handling partners’ privacy

  • If there is an agreed rate of service between you and a Ground Handler, e.g. a discount, we can adjust pricing served back to you accordingly in these cases

APC’s coverage:

  • Currently focused on Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

  • Coverage expansion is based on operator demand and interest, and we are working tirelessly to improve it

  • Updates are processed on a rolling basis, as soon as we get our hands on new data, it is pushed live as soon as possible

  • Ground Handling pricing is a challenge to acquire, we are building new relationships each day and will continue to do so step by step. We are especially grateful for introductions from our operator clients, these open doors and build trust faster, which at large benefits our whole network

APC was designed for use via integration from the get go. The core idea is that APC quietly sits in the background, providing automatic enrichment of charter flight quotes where possible, protecting you from under and over quoting. It only takes a few “saves” for APC to earn back its subscription cost and more!

See below an anonymised screenshot that is coming from a live LEON based operator’s APC dashboard, showing the actual impact of APC on quotes that subsequently converted to bookings. For this operator, over a 3-day period, APC paid for itself for the next 2+ years!

Leon Software Integration Statistics showed in a graph

Showcasing the subscription plans for the APC

How can I get started?


The APC sign-up process starts with guided onboarding, the process for which is broadly as follows:


  1. Let us know you are interested in our services:

  2. Our Customer and Sales team will be in touch to inquire further and to request a:

    1. Fleet details 

    2. List of preferred handling brands

    3. Most frequented airports

    4. Handling brands where special agreements are in place (e.g. discounts)

  3. Onboarding call

  4. Free-trial period (duration decided case by case)

  5. Continuous support and follow-up as needed


It’s as simple and easy as that. We’ve onboarded clients and trained them on our system in little over an hour,  at the end of which APC is already actively enriching charter flight RFQs that are received in the Leon Sales module.

In summary


Our partnership with Leon Software is a significant milestone. APC was designed for integrated use, to sit as a quiet sentinel in the background protecting your margins and facilitating the likelihood of successful bookings. Our coverage is work in progress, but it can take as little as one save a month for APC to earn back its subscription cost many times over.

Next steps


Operators :

  • Indicate your interest and book a discovery session today to speak with our team.


Not an operator or broker? Not a user of Lean Charter Sales?

  • We welcome outside the box ideas and interest, so please feel free to get in touch to explore the possibilities.


Ground Handlers:

If you are reading this, we are inviting you to join our free HPM network. Please indicate your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!