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Internal Promotions at ADS - New Junior Software Developer

Firas Abbassi – as of 2023 January moves into a Junior Software Developer position

Firas joined ADS 2022 July as a Data Processing Clerk to pick up domain knowledge and become familiar with the aviation space. Firas was the fastest among all our DPCs to complete the training course and did so with flying colours!

Now, thoroughly familiar with the challenges our team faces on an everyday basis, Firas will continue to specialise in machine learning and automation related topics to streamline processes where possible. Aim, to increase our cutting edge accuracy and to reduce the time-window it takes to deliver desired data coverage and updates.

We are incredibly proud and happy to be able to support Firas in exploring opportunities of growth and look forward to amazing our partners and customers with smooth efficiency and quick response times. Watch the space!

Thank you Firas, keep up the good work!