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Internal Promotions at ADS - 4X Colleagues

From 2022 September onwards, we have 4x colleagues taking new positions

ADS has been growing steadily in the past few months. Not just in terms of sheer numbers, but also in terms of expertise and skills across the board and we are exceptionally happy to be able to provide internal growth opportunities to our colleagues.

Eva Csori

Our recently promoted Customer Relations Representative is now stepping up to take on the Customer Success Manager role to continue the excellent work of our former CSM and to elevate ADS services to a whole new level.

Vivien Lestak

Vivien demonstrated to us how we lack an excellent HR Manager. So, now we have an HR Manager! Congratulations Vivien, I have no doubt, incoming talent will be receiving the best of guidance available.

Renata Mezo-Agocs

Our recently promoted Data Team Leader, following in Vivien’s footsteps, is now stepping up to take over as Data Quality Manager, seeing to the day to day activity and the continued dynamic growth of the data team.

Zsofia Szakaly

With growth and expansion, our new DQM will need a right hand to ensure smooth operation. Zsofia joined the ADS Team in 2022 March as a Data Processing Clerk. Quick to learn and resourceful, she has been providing outstanding support to colleagues. I look forward to seeing more!

We are incredibly proud and happy to have such an excellent team in the making. Thank you everyone for all the time and effort, keep up the good work!