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EBACE 2022 - A spectacular success for Aviation Data Solutions!

In many ways EBACE is a milestone, one that we eagerly looked forward to for the better part of the last 3 years.

Recent times have been challenging for the whole industry. However, where opportunities like EBACE and other events were lost, we had the time and the quiet needed to turn our attention inwards. To develop, build, expand and refine to the point where we are confident in offering not MVPs and tentative start-up products, but mature, functional and reliable solutions ready for real-world use.

Thanks to the fantastic team who keep ADS running, we were able to have productive and forward thinking conversations all week because our software, services and data are now mature enough to bring clear and long-term benefit to many areas of the aviation industry as a whole.

In terms of the achievements and highlights for ADS at EBACE:

  • 4 new operator customers signed up for subscriptions to our APC service.

  • 7 new handling agent brands signed up to our HPM platform, making their data available to our mutual operator customers.

  • 4 new FMS and charter sales system partnership agreements were secured for integration with our APC “Calculation as a Service” API. In addition, we announced our first major APC integration, which was with the Travech charter sales engine from Monarc Global.

  • 2 bespoke software development contracts were secured with two very different aviation businesses.

  • Many conversations, collaborations, improvements and ideas for continued growth and business development.

  • Most importantly, members of the ADS team and our partners were finally able to meet each other, either for the very first time, or for the first time in quite a long while.

In short, we couldn’t have asked for more; the reception of ADS and our solutions was overwhelmingly positive, we were jumping in and out of meetings all week with barely enough pause to catch lunch and the occasional restroom break!

The evenings were spent in the company of wonderful people, good food and French champagne. Admittedly with little sleep in-between landing in Geneva and departing for home, but a sacrifice we were all glad to make just to discuss yet another tangent of a fantastic aeronautical adventure.

We came home with many ideas, new and improved, as well as many conversations and possibilities to follow-up on.

The biggest challenge we face going forward from EBACE is coping with the sheer level of demand that was generated at the event!