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ADS visits Çelebi ground handling station at Budapest Airport

During our recent visit to the Çelebi handling station at Budapest Airport, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to observe the intricate workings of Budapest Airport up close. 

Once through a dizzying array of checkpoints, the most captivating sight was the bustling apron and runway. The practiced precision and routine of pilots and ground handling staff were a joy to watch.

The Çelebi team went above and beyond to provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the airport operations and patiently answered all our questions. Their kindness and willingness to share their expertise greatly enhanced our experience and directly contributed to our work.

Thank you, @Celebi Aviation Holding Team, @ Izsai-Khun Szilvia & @ Laszló Jakab, for making this visit possible and for the exceptional hospitality. Our team learned a lot!

Çelebi offer a range of Business Aviation services from their Budapest station, and you can find out more about those here:

Author: Szilvia Gyarmathy