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Aeronautical Data Integration

Realise the full potential of your aviation software through integration with the most comprehensive and accurate source of airport and aircraft data

Facilitating Automated Charter Flight Quoting

The lack of a unified, accurate and comprehensive source of airport and handling charge data has long been the missing link in the charter sales process preventing business aviation service providers from achieving the ultimate goal of fully automated quoting and booking of charter flights. Until now, that is.

Aviation Data Solutions provides the answer to this problem through our bespoke integration service, Aeronautical Data Integration (ADI), facilitating the instantaneous calculation of airport and handling charges by APC via our powerful REST API. This service has been tailored to work with distribution systems, broker platforms, charter sales and operations software, and can be tailored for any service catering for the business and commercial aviation markets.

Integration of Handling Agent Operations Software

Our Aeronautical Data Integration service provides a dedicated API end point for handling agent operations software packages, enabling direct exchange of handling requests and pricing data with our Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) application. Integrations are either in progress or planned with all major handling operations software brands.

Bespoke Integrations and Data Sets

Our in-house development team are able to create bespoke integrations with any third-party application through the ADI service, providing Data as a Service to meet the exact requirements of our clients. 

In addition, our database has designed with expansion and diversification in mind, so that any new data sets and metrics required by our customers can be accommodated.


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